The TPRS Witch

I'm Judith Logsdon-Dubois. My father, an officer in the U.S. Navy, brought me presents from Japan, France, Brazil, and other places he had visited, giving me a great desire to travel. In college I majored in French and also studied German, Spanish, Greek and Latin. The Peace Corps sent me to teach English in Cameroon where I met François Dubois, married and started our family.


With our four children we moved to France in 1984. I began teaching English in afternoon and evening classes for adults, then I acquired a DEA in English literature and taught translation for an antenna of the University of Bordeaux until 2005, passing the CAPES in 1995 and the aggrégation in 1997. I taught at Lycée de Baudre in Agen until 2013. I have translated two books from French to English for the publisher One World and I wrote a biography of a Baha’I pioneer which was published in England this year. I have also had short stories published in American magazines.


I first heard of TPRS in 2005 and, like Stephen Krashen, I’m convinced it’s the most effective method to teach languages in use today. I organized the first TPRS workshop in France which was held in Agen in August, 2013. Participants came from seven different countries.


I am now organizing the third Agen Workshop, which will open on July 27th, 2014 and last five days.